Summer School Graduation


Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) is pleased to announce that an additional 27 students have become a part of the graduating class of 2016. The commencement ceremony was held in the Board Room at the Professional Development Service Center (District Office) on July 19, 2016, at 3:30p.m. 

These students completed the required classes during Summer School and were able to graduate as part of the class of 2016. The room was filled with families and friends, Principals, Assistant Principals, and District employees all showing their support. The graduating students were met with loud cheers as they marched across the stage to receive their diplomas presented by Dr. Tracy Piper, Director of Pupil Services.

Superintendent Christi Barrett expressed her admiration for the students’ dedication. “Each of you has taken a different path to get to this point, but your continued perseverance allowed you to accomplish this extraordinary goal, despite the challenges you faced.” She encouraged each of the students to reflect on their journey and the remarkable effort they put into reaching this particular goal. She thanked the families for the guidance and support they gave to their student as well as their endless encouragement. 

Everyone expressed heartfelt congratulations to this class of 2016.  Overwhelming respect was shown to these graduates who, despite the challenges, were able to overcome and reach their goal.



Steven Benavidez                                                  Amadeo Monje

Tatyana Beatrice Marie Coleman                          Kenneth Abdiel Rios Chanlatte

Jesse Cuevas                                                          Lanetta Mishel Roberts                                  

Elena Contreras                                                     Eric Rodarte

Bryan M. David                                                     Kevin Rueda

Viviana Fowler                                                      Tyler Ray Rushing

Arthur Ray Gardner                                               Jazmine A. Salas

Yesenia Gomez                                                      Julia A. Salazar

Maya Gonzalez                                                      Cy Vina L. Smith

Alexander Gutierrez Araux                                    Raymond Tothill

America Hernandez                                                David Valenzuela

Angelica Mariah Iniguez                                        Liam C. Walden

Miranda Martinez                                                   Trevor D. Westplat

Marquis Anthony McBride

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