Why Our Courses?

You'll find hundreds of unique instructor-facilitated online courses to choose from. These courses are designed to fit your schedule and budget. You can take them from the comfort of your home or office, when it's most convenient for you.
Course highlights These online instructor-facilitated courses are truly unique and cover a broad variety of topics.
Engaging and highly interactive - They're written in a conversational style - not a boring lecture or textbook online. Learners use the discussion areas to regularly interact with their instructor and with fellow students - each of whom shares a common interest in the course subject matter.
A dedicated instructor stands behind every course, pacing learners through the lessons and answering every question. Our instructors are trained to create warm and supportive communities of learners, building an interactive online environment filled with intelligent and stimulating discussions and debates.
Courses contain 12 lessons (five chapters in each) that are released over a six week period and can be accessed online, from anywhere, anytime. This format gives students the flexibility to study at their own pace, but enough structure and support to complete the course in a timely fashion.
Every course includes multiple quizzes, assignments, demonstrations, and exercises, giving students hands-on, practical experience needed to master all the new skills.
User-friendly, comprehensive and self-contained. All courses are clear, complete, and well-organized in a standard format with no need for a special Internet connection.
Market-tested: More than 800,000 students have taken one of these online courses over the last six years.
We host the entire operation: No technology to purchase, integrate, administer, or support.
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