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Hemet Adult School offers several services for the Riverside Department of Public Social Services & GAIN clients. Programs include:
  • Grade level assessment
  • GED pretesting and preparation
  • High School diploma
  • Vocational skills (computer literacy)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Citizenship
  • Adult Basic Education
How do I get services?
Services for GAIN clients are offered on a referral basis only. Clients must first meet with a case worker and obtain a C-IV 109 form indicating a particular academic program. The local GAIN office is located across from Carl Jr’s on San Jacinto Street, in Hemet.

County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services
541 N. San Jacinto Ave
Hemet, CA 92543
951-791-3100 office    951-791-3110 fax
How do I register once I have my C-IV 109 Form?
  1. Bring your C-IV 109 Form to the Hemet Adult School office
  2. Register for classes as indicated on your C-IV 109 Form. Your 109 form will also service as your Hemet Adult School Registration Form.
  3. Sign and date all forms associated with the registration process.
  4. Take an academic grade level assessment (CASAS Employability Competency Systems Appraisal), TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education) or CASAS assessment for listening skills (ESL only).
  5. Meet with the school counselor to review your assessment results and your CalWORKs Education Plan.
  6. Start classes
What will be expected of me?
All GAIN Clients are required to attend the Hemet Adult School for a certain number of hours each week. The number of hours will be listed on your C-IV 109 Form. The adult school will provide weekly attendance reports to your case worker along with academic progress reports. Clients that do not attend classes for 10 consecutive days will be dropped from the program and their case worker will be notified as well. If this happens, the current C-IV 109 Form is void and a new C-IV 109 Form must be obtained before the Client may resume classes at the adult school.
Want more information?
If you would like more information about RDPSS & GAIN services, please contact the local GAIN office in Hemet.
*Services are rendered by referral only.