Computer Applications

With our self-paced digital literacy course, you can study at home and in the classroom to learn computer and Internet skills required for college and career. Increase learning productivity in the classroom by closing the digital skills gap.

In order to register for Computer Essentials you must first take a CASAS Reading and Math assessment.
You can register online to take the assessment by clicking on the registration tab then clicking on registering for classes.
Hemet Adult School will then contact you to set an appointment for your assessment.  
Build Technology Skills
You will learn to navigate software applications, operating systems, and the Internet. Fundamental skills include keyboarding, opening and closing windows, scrolling, navigating menus, and using hotspots. These skills are critical to success in online tests and knowledge work. Learn more about computer literacy modules.
Information Skills
Can you conduct research online? Organize files? You will learn to work faster and smarter. New skills extend your abilities to connect with others, access information, and relate new ideas. Students will communicate using email, social networking, word processing, and charts, graphs, and tables. Learn more about digital communications modules.

Digital Citizenship
Understanding the safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology is essential. Practicing legal and ethical online behavior is a must in the modern Internet era. Students learn how to protect personal information and copyrights and how to be safe online consumers. Learn more about digital citizenship modules.

Moving Beyond the Basics
By learning the concepts underlying everyday computer use, you can navigate any operating system or device without getting lost or frustrated. Iterative practice and feedback builds confidence, accelerates learning, and helps you achieve proficiency.
Adapts to Students’ Skill Levels
Self-paced and self-directed, you will see your achievement as you advance through the program. Built on an adaptive learning platform, Computer Essentials Online tailors lessons to your level of experience and mastery.