Assessment is a vital component of our instructional model. We assess all students to monitor progress and success while in our program. The assessments we use include the:
  • Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE)- This assessment gives us an academic performance level which allows us to appropriately place the student in a class that meets their learning needs.
  • CASAS- This is an English language assessment that aides in the placement of English learning students into the appropriate level class. Students are identified as one of four levels; Level 1 (Non English speaking), Level 2 emergent speaking, Level 3 basic, and Level 4 fluent. 
  • CASAS Reading and Math assessment.  This assessment provies a grade level equivelency for students who wish to particiapte in certain programs at the adult school.  A grade level of 9th grade or higher in both reading and math is required for the GED preparation program. 
  • GED Pretest- The GED pretest is an excellent tool to assess a student's knowledge of the material they will be tested on while taking the GED complete battery. This assessment can be given multiple times as the student studies and prepares for the GED test.