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Adult Indpendent Study: High School Diploma

What is AIS?
AIS or Adult Independent Study is a new service offered exclusively through Hemet Adult School. The program is available to adults 18 years or older you are not enrolled in an education program who wish to earn their high school diploma but cannot attend regular classes in the evening.
How does it work?
Students will meet with a counselor to review their high school transcripts and will create an education plan to graduate. Following the initial consultation, and AIS instructor will contact the student to set up an appointment to begin. Students earn credits weekly by completing all assigned work with a grade of D or better
Are there any costs?
A refundable $150.00 book fee that must be paid in cash or money order made payable to Hemet Adult School. 
When can I start?
Students must first meet with a counselor then with their AIS teacher. Once the student has met with a counselor, the process takes about a week.
To register, drop by anytime Monday to Thursday 11:00AM and 7:00PM or call 951.765.5190.  Please bring your transcripts if you have them.