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Students and adults wishing to receive their high school diploma from Hemet Adult School must earn a total 175 credits.

Current high school students earn credits by completing all assignment(s) outlined in their credit check report, or as indicated on their concurrent contract form from a high school counselor. Students attending Hemet Adult School from one of Hemet’s comprehensive high schools must have their counselor’s and parent’s (if under 18) permission to attend. With the exception of Alessandro High students, all other concurrent high school students may not be on campus prior to 3:30 PM and will not receive the full hourly credit if they arrive past 3:40 PM.

Once they have completed all their credits, students will have to make an appointment with their school counselor and adults with the Adult School Registrar to perform a grad check. Upon a successful review, the student will be recommended for graduation and should receive a diploma in  4-6 weeks.